"Give every day the chance to be the most beautiful of your life"

Hometown: Minden, Westphalia [Germany]

DOB & Zodiac: 27.03.1981 | Aries

TOP 3 HASHTAGS #musicenthusiast #stubborn #ambitious


  • Administration website
  • Administration social networks [YouTube | Instagram | Facebook]
  • Deputy / Backup administration website for Frank




…eröffnete sich für mich beim Spazierengehen mit meinem Hund als ich zufällig… 😉

From the beginning:

Somehow Frank was DJ at all the weddings I was invited to and always did a good job. It was a coincidence or maybe it was regulation that Frank’s and my ways crossed in our hometown Minden on a walk with my dog and we got into conversation. Not only we found out that we live in the same district just two streets apart but also that Frank was the only one who could serve my title request on those weddings. Soon we knew: We are on the same page!

His further stories from the Peaktime project made me curious and I started to watch the broadcastings. I found or find the idea and the content incredibly fascinating and then thought about how I could support the project. Since I am interested in technology and photography, the conversation during an organization meeting gave me the idea that I could provide a valuable help with the administration and further development of the website…

…my department which I can support in was born.

My intention I to support underprivileged people with Peaktime and maybe to put a small smile back on their faces. We enjoy the music, our project and can do good things with it.

Keep smiling